INVITATION Springtij Forum 2018
Amsterdam, May 25

Dear friend of Springtij,

We warmly invite you to attend the Springtij Forum 2018, the ninth edition of this sustainability adventure on the Dutch island of Terschelling. Springtij Forum 2018 takes place from the 27-29 September, with an optional international Club of Rome anniversary summit on the 26th.
More and more people want to be part of Springtij. Large companies, banks, government, universities, all want to contribute to the ‘green encounter’ called Springtij. Because of that we have enlarged our capacity on the island and renewed the programme so more participants can enjoy this special three-day experience.
Although we have more tickets available than last year, we still expect them to sell out quickly, so don’t wait too long and register as soon as possible.


50 years Club of Rome
The Club of Rome celebrates its 50 year anniversary and joins Springtij this year. You are cordially invited to make your reservation for this special event that takes place the day before the Springtij Forum, on September 26 (subject to sufficient participants). We recommend you to combine this with one or more days at the Springtij Forum on the island of Terschelling. If you are interested, register as category ‘Club of Rome – event Sept 26‘ on the registration page. If you wish to attend the Springtij Forum only, please register as one of the other categories (business, NGO, science, government). If you need assistance, please let us know by e-mailing us at

Our so called ‘navigators’ are working on the themes of Springtij 2018: Energy & Climate | Resources & Circular Economy | Food and Agriculture | Nature, Biodiversity and Natural Capital | Water & Sea | Leadership | Finance | Innovation | Mobility & Transport.
Many top-speakers have confirmed that they will attend Springtij and on Saturday afternoon the famous Iris Hond will give an enchanting piano concert. The Springtide Academy will be attended by 60 international students and also the ‘Energyboat’ will set sail to the island, with 100 young professionals on board.
Join us
So join us on the island of Terschelling and experience the late summer, with its magical colours. Be part of the deep concentration, the permanent smiles, the long and substantial meetings, the next plans, the ongoing conversation. And also: music, art, performances, dinners, nature walks and stargazing. Don’t miss it and register today.

See you on Terschelling!

Team Springtij