Organisation and financing

The Springtij Forum is organised by the non-profit foundation called Stichting Springtij Festival Terschelling. This  foundation is managed in accordance with a Supervisory Council model. Its board directors, Wouter van Dieren and Katinka Abbenbroek, are responsible for drawing up, determining and implementing policy. The Supervisory Board monitors the organisation’s performance. It includes an executive team that oversees communication, content, logistics and registration. The Springtij Forum is resourced by a group of financial partners, by gifts and by the participants. Springtij obtained PBO status in 2017.

The name, Springtij (Spring Tide)

Spring Tide occurs when the tide-generating force of the sun acts in the same direction as that of the moon, reinforcing it and causing the greatest rise and fall in tidal level.Tides that are higher than normal occur at this time. The name Springtij (Spring Tide) connotes a sense of urgency: when tides rise so high it is important to take action, come up with solutions and to work together.

Terschelling: a rock in sustainable branding

Springtij started up in 2010 during the quest to find a haven in the turbulent world of sustainability branding. The old name for Terschelling, the Celtic “Skylge”, means rock. On this island we leave behind the everyday world and enter a place where we can find energy, knowledge and inspiration. Here, nature itself awakens the concept of sustainability. Our hosts, Piet Noordenbos and Wouter van Dieren have their roots on the island. They are happy to share this with all who wish to see and experience its beauty.