Call for Innovations by NIA and Springtij

NIA (Dutch Investment Agency) and Springtij are looking for entrepreneurs/organizations that want to pitch during the so-called Rainbow Innovations Sessions. The following criteria apply:

    • The innovation has already passed the idea phase, a prototype is being worked on (TRL 6) or a demo (TRL7);
    • There is a business case;
    • The innovation can be introduced on the market within 3 years;
    • The innovation is potentially scalable with significant social impact;
    • The innovation not only contributes to the climate goals, (Sustainable Development Goal, SDG 13) but preferably also to other SDGs;
    • The financing required is crowdsourced for a substantial part


How to participate?

Participants in the Rainbow Sessions will meet with NIA representatives and other investors, with Government Services and with a wide audience that is very active in the field of sustainability. The concept has already proven conducive. Several participants of the Rainbow Sessions in 2017 obtained the funding and corporate contacts required to speed up the ’time to market’ of their innovations.

Would you like to participate? Then send us a description of your innovation with some detail on how you expect to meet the criteria. Make sure to send it before 22 June 2018 to the Rainbow Sessions Coordinator: Myrthe Egmond (

If the innovation fits the programme you will receive an invitation to Springtij to pitch at one of the Rainbow Sessions.

About the Rainbow Sessions

During Springtij Forum, embedded in the broader innovation theme, four Rainbow Sessions are organized in cooperation with the Dutch Investment Agency (NIA). In total 12 appealing innovations will be presented in four sessions. Each of the innovations can and want to make a difference with regard to global sustainability.

Through discourse (not debate) between the entrepreneur, a panel and a participative audience, a picture emerges on the need and relevance of the innovations, the social value, the prospect, the scalability and funding potential. The entrepreneur will get relevant feedback on all these aspects as well as specific advise to realise the potential.

The core of the innovation theme for this year’s Springtij is: What role do innovations play in sustainability issues, how quickly can these innovations be implemented, how fast they should be implemented and what is necessary for the implementation?

This is done by bringing innovation entrepreneurs in touch with the public and with potential investors. And by understanding what the social support might be for these innovations. 

Do you want to find out more about the Rainbow Sessions?

Please contact Hans Wiltink ( or Dick Hagoort of NIA (

The Springtij Forum 2018 runs from 27-29 September on Terschelling.

Photo credit: Sytse Schoustra