The Energy and Climate Jury first came together on Terschelling at the Loods Restaurant Complex during the Springtij Forum 2016 event. There were five sittings during this three-day period. The Jury heard the advocates from each movement: progressive NGOs, government agencies, the coal and natural gas protagonists, scientists, entrepreneurs, politicians; everyone had their say. The Jury also called witnesses, experts who helped us draw a distinction between what made sense, what did not, between facts and points of view. The Climate Jury reconvened in 2017. Members of the Jury and the organisation met together in February for a Prologue (see presentation) and in April 2017 the Jury sat in public at the Social and Economic Council in The Hague. At the Springtij Forum 2017, held on Terschelling from 21-23 September, the Climate Jury convened once more. The key question discussed in 2017 was: What game changers do we need to achieve a carbon neutral Netherlands by 2050?

A total of 28 public hearings took place and 22 submissions were made (all included in the final report). This report was presented to the Director-General Climate and Energy of the  Ministry of Economic Affairs in early 2018.