At the Springtij Forum 2013, Wubbo Ockels was awarded the Brandaris Award for courage, perseverance and power of imagination. Thanking the jury, he gave a powerful speech in which he compared his battle against his illness with the battle for global survival.
Wubbo passed away on 18 May 2014.

In tribute to his endeavours, Springtij (with his family’s consent) renamed the Brandaris Award. We now call it the Wubbo Ockels Brandaris Award.

In addition to the Wubbo Ockels Brandaris Award we have the Wubbo Ockels Nova Zembla Award, so-named in 2016 in recognition of the spot where the Terschelling-born scientist and merchant, Willem Barentsz, came stuck in the ice. Those on board survived by building the famous Behouden Huys, a replica of which is now open to visitors on Terschelling island.